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A new survey details the growing talent gap in cyber security

A recent survey from Raytheon has take a look at young people's preparedness for cyber-security and their prospects for entering the industry as cyber-security professionals.
The aim of the survey is to understand the career interests and educational preparedness of millennials (ages 18 to 26) in 12 countries around the world.

According to the survey there is a very low awareness of the cyber-security profession:the majority of respondent, 62%, have never considered a job career in cyber security.

Top young european hackers at Cyber Security Challenge

On the 21st of October the best young cyber talents from Austria, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom participated to the European Cyber Security Challenge.

The European Cyber Security Challenge is an opportunity for participants, who are not IT professionals, to test and put their digital skills at work. On the other hand it acts as a platform for the exchange of good practices among contestants, and to motivate young people to enhance and develop further their skills to tackle online threats.

Uk businesses pushing for more cybersecurity experts

According to a Procorre research UK businesses are increasing their request for cybersecurity experts.The recent high profile hacks against Carphone Warehouse and Ashley Madison clearly showed the vulnerability of many IT security systems and contributed to the investment increase on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity roles account for 14% of UK-Based IT jobs, with 15% of cyber security professionals paid at least £100.000 per annum.