CYBERWISER.eu INTERMEDIATE is for those who are already familiar with cybersecurity threats and best practices, and will help prepare you to work in cybersecurity and cyber-risk. In this course you will learn about vulnerability assessment tools, graphical cyber-risk models, and the economic risk evaluator. You will also experience hands-on training on the Cyber Range. On completing the course, you will receive a CYBERWISER.eu INTERMEDIATE diploma and will be automatically included in the CYBERWISER.eu Cybersecurity Professional Register (CyPR). This course is perfect if you work in professional cybersecurity or cyber-risk roles and want to upskill.


Who is it for?

cybersecurity training students


Institutions of Higher Education and Research Centres 



cybersecurity training Large Enterprises


Large Enterprises 



cybersecurity training Public Sector


Public Sector Organisations



INTERMEDIATE Course Description


Course title Learning goals

Describe target of analysis, level 2 

The purpose of this course is to teach about creating UML models, in particular UML class diagrams, and how to use this notation to represent a corresponding simulated infrastructure on the CYBERWISER.eu cyber range.

Identify risk criteria

The purpose of this course is to teach about risk criteria. This includes defining likelihood and consequence scales.

Identify risks, level 2

This course teaches about the identification of cyber-risk indicators and the inclusion of such indicators in a cyber-risk model using the CORAS risk modelling language.

Estimate risks

This course teaches about risk estimation in terms of applying predefined likelihood and consequences scales. Examples are provided using CORAS risk models.

Treat risks, level 1

This course teaches about identifying appropriate countermeasures with respect to a predefined risk model, as well as associating countermeasures to threat scenarios, vulnerabilities, and unwanted incidents.






What are you going to learn?


  • Understand how to use the UML class diagram as a basis to create a target infrastructure to simulate on the CYBERWISER.eu Cyber Range.
  • Create likelihood scales, consequences scales, and risk evaluation matrices, and understand how these scales are used in CYBERWISER.eu.
  • Analyse risk models and identify risk indicators, configure CYBERWISER.eu to obtain indicator values, and use Cyber-risk models for training and evaluation in Cybersecurity scenarios on the CYBERWISER.eu platform.
  • Explain how risk treatments may be identified using CORAS modelling language, associate risk treatments on vulnerabilities, threat scenarios, and unwanted incidents, and analyse a risk model and create appropriate risk treatments.



What they say about us

It is important to learn about cybersecurity best practices and how you can develop them in a controlled environment. Cyber ranges can help put these to practical use. - Francisco, University of Pisa Student




Single Access 500€
Multi Access 2500€
Enterprise Licensing 35.000-45.000€
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CYBERWISER.eu Cyber Range & Capacity Building in Cybersecurity


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