CYBERWISER.eu is building on the 3-year legacy of its predecessor WISER. Our aim is to create a complete, integrated, and fully customisable cybersecurity training solution incorporating an independent cyber range platform and a comprehensive suite of web-based certificate courses.

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ECSO, The European Cybersecurity Organisation, together with pilot projects ECHO Cybersecurity, SPARTA, CONCORDIA Project, and CyberSec4Europe have just released a competence development questionnaire directed at the overall European cybersecurity community. The purpose of the survey is to help ECSO deliver improved solutions and to raise awareness.

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This workshop shines a spotlight on the concrete impact of the CYBERWISER.eu initiative in closing the cybersecurity skills gap through the provision of focused and intensive cybersecurity training.


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Full-scale Pilots (FSPs)

The CYBERWISER.eu initiative revolves around three compelling, real-life & Full-Scale Pilots (FSPs) in the area of cybersecurity training, covering three main areas: higher education, transport and energy. The FSPs will be active from project early stage, to actively contribute to the visioning phase, bringing the end-users into the loop. Additionally, an "Open Pilot Stream" will also be developed by the project in order to increase market impact and reinforce the adoption of CYBERWISER.eu results. .

This pilot will deploy advanced training modules, increasing the automation of training operations, while also making the training modules more effective by using gamification approaches. The main purpose of the pilot is to validate new developments in training scenarios, introducing EDP...
The pilot will demonstrate the potentiality and the added value provided by the platform in a scenario of business and cybersecurity experts from the railroad transport domain. The cybersecurity team will use the platform to perform attack and defence scenarios, while business experts will use...
The pilot will gather, along the project lifetime, around 40 trainees (undergrads, grads and post-docs), using the platform simultaneously. This pilot will focus on user experience and the scalability features of the platform. The diversity of the experiments that a university would require from...

The CYBERWISER.eu Partners

The CYBERWISER.eu Consortium is composed of 9 European players from 7 countries, bringing expertise in cybersecurity, security risk assessment and management, security engineering, transportation and electricity critical infrastructures.

  • Antonio Álvarez

    After the successful completion of the WISER project, ATOS boards on CYBERWISER.eu to lead Technical and Innovation Direction of the project, and work on security monitoring solutions and the automation of cyber risk assessment. CYBERWISER.eu results will feed our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, with innovative capabilities in the area of cybersecurity training.

    Antonio Álvarez / Project Manager / ATOS
  • Douglas Wiemer

    RHEA contributes to CYBERWISER.eu in the areas of cyber security solutions delivery, software development and systems integration. In particular, RHEA brings a long experience in cyber range trainings implementation and management, and its cyber range solutions (CyFrame and CITEF) are some of the main assets for the CYBERWISER.eu platform.

    Douglas Wiemer / Director of the Security and Crisis Management Business Unit / RHEA Group
  • Ketil Stølen

    SINTEF brings to CYBERWISER.eu its experience as experts in cyber-risk assessment with particular focus on cybersecurity, including risk modelling and calculation - relevant for wide range of stakeholders, WISER Risk Patterns, and CORAS risk modelling tool with enhancements from WISER. Risk models, training scenarios and experiences from training of cyber professionals and students in CYBERWISER.eu will provide an excellent basis for identifying and filling research gaps.

    Ketil Stølen / Chief Scientist / SINTEF
  • Anže Žitnik

    XLAB is excited to be part of CYBERWISER.eu and the development of a cyber-range platform that we are eager to test and train on ourselves. XLAB will contribute to the project with our knowledge and tools for deployment of cloud applications and security monitoring, which will be greatly advanced on account of CYBERWISER.eu.

    Anže Žitnik / Cybersecurity researcher / XLAB
  • Gianluca Dini

    University of Pisa, officially established in 1343, brings CYBERWISER.eu its experience as highly prestigious teaching and research centre in the Information Technology and the cybersecurity space. UNIPI will contribute to the design of the CYBERWISER.eu platform and experiment it within its educational programs.

    Gianluca Dini / Full professor of Computer Engineering / University of Pisa
  • Liliana Ribeiro

    In the CYBERWISER.eu project, EDP will share its accumulated experience on the operation of a physical Cyber Range for over 3 years, focusing on Critical Infrastructure cyber security training. With the aim to create an innovative CYBERWISER.eu platform, EDP can provide valuable input when defining innovation models and performing a pilot focused on "Energy Generation and Distribution".

    Liliana Ribeiro / Cyber Range White Team / EDP
  • Paolo Lombardi

    Trust-IT brings to CYBERWISER.eu its experience as innovation analysts and dissemination & communication experts in the cybersecurity space. CYBERWISER.eu will expand on the WISER legacy and Trust-IT will ensure - also by means of its eLearning solution as a core component of the CYBERWISER.eu platform - implementation of effective capacity building processes in the rapidly developing cybersecurity market.

    Paolo Lombardi / Director / Trust-IT Services