To boost impacts of its results, creates synergies with major European initiatives on cybersecurity.

These initiatives include four European Cybersecurity Competence Centres. Collectively, they bring together 160 partners from 26 EU countries to build a stronger and more sustainable EU Research and Coordination Network. Stakeholders span large companies, SMEs and specialist cybersecurity universities and research centres covering every field of expertise and sector.

A key driver for is to help strengthen the EU's cybersecurity capacity by exploring ways to extend usage of its training solution and Open Pilot scheme. is keen to connect with other European initiatives and hubs on cybersecurity, as well as sector-specific collaborations.

Anyone interested in pursuing synergies with can contact us for more details.

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SPARTA aims to collaboratively develop and implement top-tier research and innovation actions and tackle top innovation challenges, leading the way in building transformative capabilities and forming a world-leading cybersecurity competence network across the EU. 

ECHO strives to put innovation, excellence and people at the center of cybersecurity in Europe by enhancing technological sovereignty, providing a single market for cybersecurity solutions and delivering a digital education and training action plan.

CyberSec4Europe’s main goal is to pilot and consolidate the cybersecurity capabilities necessary to secure and maintain European democracy and the integrity of the Digital Single Market. CyberSec4Europe has translated this broad objective into measurable, concrete steps: three policy objectives, three technical objectives and two innovation objectives.

CONCORDIA will help Europe strengthen its security capabilities and secure its digital society, economy and fundamental principles of both security and privacy. is the European watch for cybersecurity and privacy. First to benefit are SMEs who get unlimited access to new cutting-edge solutions and applicationd from EU Research and Innovation. Synergies | Cyber Range & Capacity Building in Cybersecurity


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