CyberSec4Europe’s main objective is to pilot and consolidate the cybersecurity capabilities necessary to secure and maintain European democracy and the integrity of the Digital Single Market. CyberSec4Europe has translated this broad objective into measurable, concrete steps: three policy objectives, three technical objectives and two innovation objectives.
As a European Competence Centre, CyberSec4Europe is working towards harmonising the journey to strong cybersecurity, from the development of software components meeting identified requirements in the short- to long-term, to a series of recommendations around its real-world demonstration use cases. These use cases tackle cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of digital infrastructure, finance, government, smart cities, healthcare and transportation.

CyberSec4Europe joined a panel discussion at the first Open Pilot Workshop in Pisa, to present its activities on Research & Innovation for industry, education, training and standardisation, leading to a new synergy with focused on boosting the impacts of cyber range training and filling essential skills gaps across the EU.


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