SPARTA is a novel cybersecurity competence network, with the aim of collaboratively developing and implementing top-tier research and innovation actions. Through its ambitious Cybersecurity Research & Innovation Roadmap, SPARTA tackles top innovation challenges, leading the way in building transformative capabilities and forming a world-leading cybersecurity competence network across the EU. Four initial research and innovation programmes are pushing the boundaries to deliver advanced solutions to cover emerging issues, with applications from basic human needs to economic activities, technologies, and sovereignty.

SPARTA was invited to the first Open Pilot Workshop in Pisa (November 2019), to present its Research Programme: Full-spectrum cybersecurity awareness, Continuous assessment in polymorphous environments, High-Assurance Intelligent Infrastructure Toolkit and Secure and fair AI systems. With a synergy now in place between SPARTA and, the common focus is on raising cybersecurity awareness as the first step towards greater resilience against an evolving threat landscape.

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SPARTA | Cyber Range & Capacity Building in Cybersecurity


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