Skills watch

Skills Watch is a rolling review of the key opinions, practices and policy decisions shaping cybersecurity skills training in Europe and worldwide. Grounded in a careful selection from the best sources, and regularly updated.

UK poised to extensively scale up its cyber resilience

The UK government has recently announced its plans for an updated national cybersecurity strategy aimed at significantly boostings its resilience to cyber-attacks and cyber warfare in what has been dubbed as a "full spectrum" approach. 

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Cybersecurity training - The customisable approach

As we have covered before on this website there are many different approaches to cybersecurity training.

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Cybersecurity training - What do organisations need?

Human error has become a major weak point in cyber security today; one that is easily exploited by cyber criminals. In fact, according to a cybersecurity report by London-based consultancy Willis Towers Watson “approximately 90% of all cyber claims are the result of some type of human error or behaviour “.

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Cybersecurity – What is the right training approach for my organisation?

Around the world one can find numerous players delivering training in cybersecurity, but the training methodologies can broadly be classified as “academic” (or “systematic”) or “targeted” (or “customisable”).

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As hackers get bolder so does cyber security training

Organisations are facing a global shortage of cyber security skills in the workplace with the skills gap in Europe doubling over the past year according to (ISC)², a renowned cyber security professional body. This will have the impact on organisations becoming more desirable targets for hacking, unless they improve their defense capabilities.

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Key findings from the 2019 (ISC)2 Workforce Study

(ISC)2 has recently published the 2019 edition of its annual Workforce Study.

The report indicates that the cybersecurity skills gap remains one of the main threats worldwide, with its size now expanded to 4.07 million professionals needed.

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Cyber Ranges and the European Cybersecurity Competence Network

What role will cyber ranges play in the European Cybersecurity Competence Network? Excerpts from the latest white paper describe the cyber range-related activities of four competence pilot projects launched in February and tasked with developing the network.

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