Slovenia (SI)

Current status:

The Slovenian National Cyber Security Strategy was adopted in February 2016.

Strategic objectives include:

OB 1 Strengthening and systemic regulation of the national cyber security assurance system
OB 2 The safety of citizens in cyberspace
OB 3 Cyber security in the economy
OB 4 Providing the operation of critical infrastructure in the sector of ICT support
OB 5 Cyber security assurance to ensure public security and combat cyber crime
OB 6 Development of defence cyber capabilities
OB 7 Ensuring safe operation and availability of ensuring conditions for the smooth operation of key ICT systems in the event of major natural and other disasters
OB 8 Strengthening national cyber security through international cooperation


National Cyber Security Strategy

Year of adoption The Slovenian National Cyber Security Strategy was adopted in February 2016.
Updates and revisions A strategic paper entitled "The Information Society Development Strategy to 2020 – DIGITAL SLOVENIA 2020" has been adopted in March 2016 by the Slovenian Government. This framework strategy lays down Slovenia’s key strategic development goals in this area and combines the Next-Generation Broadband Network Development Plan to 2020 and the Cyber Security Strategy together into a unified strategic framework.
Implementation and monitoring

The Strategy implementation will be monitored by the Governement of the Republic of Slovakia and by relevant ministries in accordance with the grounds of jurisdiction set out in the Constitution and legislation.

Legal conditions

Despite the publication of the National Cyber Security Strategy, Slovenia still lacks a specific regulatory legal framework for cyber security.

Operational capacities Currently, the operational capacities to respond to cyber threats are distributed among SI-CERT as the national response centre for network incidents, the Information Security Sector within the IT Directorate at the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Defence for defence system and protection against natural and other disasters, Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA) in counter-intelligence activities, and the Police within its IT and telecommunications Office and the Criminal Police Directorate, mainly in the Centre for Computer Investigations with the capacities to combat cybercrime.
Risk assessment plan

There is no legislation or policy in place in Slovenia that requires the establishment of a written risk assessment plan.


Current status: NIS Directive and national CERTs/CSIRTs

Computer security  SI-CERT is a national response centre for dealing with incidents in electronic network and information security, which has been operating within the public institute ARNES since 1995. It coordinates incident resolution, provides technical advice in the event of intrusions, infections with computer viruses and other abuses, and issues warnings to network administrators and general public on the current threats to electronic networks. Currently, it also performs the tasks of Government's centre for responding to network indigents (SIGOV-CERT) and assists in the establishment of an independent centre that will be responsible for protecting the IT infrastructure of the state administration.
Best practices:

Slovenia participates in international cyber security exercises. In Cyber Europe exercises, organised by ENISA, in 2010 Slovenia took part as an observer and in 2012 and 2014 as an active participant. Furthermore, from 2013 on, it actively participates in Cyber Coalition exercises within NATO. Participation in these exercises proved to be a good opportunity to check the capacities for cyber security assurance at the national level, as well as to exchange experience and establish new connections between stakeholders. National cyber security exercise has not yet been carried out.

Monitoring system

Not currently known.

Report an incident

Reports are normaly sent to the e-mail address, but can also be reported via the on-line form located at: (in Slovenian language only).

Languages Slovenian/English
Date of last WISER analysis September 2016


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