How much is your stolen data worth?

Personal data is floating around the web like never before.
While it’s no secret that stolen credit cards information is valuable, a recent report from Intel Security found the price of other stolen data that can be found on the deep web.
As the commercial value of personal data grows, cybercriminals have long since built an economy selling stolen data to anybody with a computer browser and the means to pay; here's some examples from the Intel report:

  • Average estimated price for stolen credit and debit cards: €4.40 to €26.40 in the US; €17.60 to €30.80 in the UK; €17.60 to €35.20 in Canada; €18.50 to €35.20 in Australia; and €22 to €39.60 in the European Union.
  • Bank login credentials for a €1,938 balance bank account: €167.30
  • Bank login credentials plus stealth funds transfers to US banks: from €440.50 for a €5,285.90 account balance, to €1,057.20 for a €17,619.50 account balance
  • Bank login credentials and stealth funds transfers to UK banks: from €516.70 for a €8,809.80 account balance, to €792.90 for a $14,095.70 account balance
  • Login credentials for online payment services such as PayPal: between €17.60 and €44.05 for account balances from €352.39 to €880.90; between €176.20 and €264.29 for balances from €4,404.90 to €7,047.80
  • Login credentials to hotel loyalty programs and online auction accounts: €17.60 to €1,233.77
  • Login credentials for online premium content services such as Netflix: as little as €0.48


Sources: DailyMail, Telegraph




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