Commission's top scientific advisers publish opinion on cybersecurity in the Digital Single Market

On Friday, 24 March 2017, the High Level Group of the Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) has published a new scientific opinion on cybersecurity in the Digital Single Market, following the request of the Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip.

In this Opinion, the Group makes a number of recommendations for policy action to make it easier and safer for people and businesses to operate online in the EU.

The opinion includes recommendations:

  • On making systems more secure, including by avoiding 'backdoors' that bypass normal authentication processes and by using state of the art standards for encryption. The opinion also recommends a duty of care principle towards consumers that ensures that systems are well maintained and reduces technical vulnerabilities in hardware and software.
  • On empowering users through 'context tailored' digital identities so that people are only asked for the data necessary to secure an online transaction and by giving people more choice and control over their data.
  • On strengthening Europe's strategically important cybersecurity industry, including by ensuring that people have the necessary skills.
  • On improving the coordination and sharing across Europe of information on cyber-incidents and ensuring adequate technical expertise in European bodies. The opinion also calls for a global cybersecurity governance framework, in which the EU would play a leading role.

Download Cybersecurity in the European Digital Single Market