Cybersecurity in practice - Cluj Napoca

Wednesday, 18 October, 2017 - 07:00 CET

Venue: Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca, 21 Garii Street, New York Room -

Title: “Cyber security in practice” - Get your free cyber-risk assessment with WISER’s innovative services


WISER lowers entry barriers to cyber security for small businesses and organizations, making it easier for them to build resilience in cyber space with user-friendly tools and services, at low cost and requiring few in-house resources, alongside essential guides on compliance with EU legislation.
Audiences will learn about how WISER is making cyber security accessible and affordable, especially for SMEs by breaking down barriers to effective cyber risk management thanks to free and easy to use tools to regularly profile their cyber risks and carry out vulnerability tests to stop attacks before they happen.

An interactive and practical demo session showcasing CyberWISER Light will give the audience the possibility to get a free of charge self assessment report for their organization with key insights on their cyber risks.

The workshop also features a sneak preview of CyberWISER Essential & Plus, which are upgrade services with real-time monitoring and advanced assessment of cyber risk through specific sensors deployed on the target infrastructure.

Target audience: ICT-intensive SMEs

Main takeaways:

  • Learn why cyber security should become your top business priority & how it can be affordable for European SMEs.
  • Make your own cyber security assessment report during the hands-on session and get your personalised report
  • See how other SMEs are benefitting from real-time cyber risk monitoring


Workshop Agenda:

09:00–09:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee

Introduction and State of play in Romania
Andrei Kelemen, Executive Director, Cluj IT Cluster


WISER and the Democratisation of Cyber Security

Michele Nannipieri, Project Coordination Director, Trust-IT Services Ltd

Download presentation


Your Company’s cyber security assessment – Hands-on session using CyberWISER Light with Q&A to share with us your feedback and specific requests

Anze Zitnik, Researcher and Developer, XLAB

Download presentation


Networking coffee


Real-time monitoring of cyber risks – A user's story on CyberWISER Essential

Emil Capusneaunu, COO, Ristronics


Panel: Starting the SME Journey to Cyber Security

Andrei Kelemen, Executive Director, Cluj IT Cluster; Anze Zitnik, XLAB; Emil Capusneaunu, COO, Ristronics


Your Essential Guide on the GDPR

Prof. Avv. Giovanni Comandé, Scuola Sant'Anna, Pisa and SMARTLEX S.R.L

Wrap-up and Conclusions

Andrei Kelemen, Executive Director, Cluj IT Cluster

13:10 Networking Lunch


Cybersecurity in practice - Cluj Napoca | Cyber Range & Capacity Building in Cybersecurity


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