WISER on International Federation for Information Processing - IFIP

Cyberwiser: Real-time, risk management-based solutions to democratise cybersecurity

Authors: Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS), Atle Refsdal, Gencer Erdogan (SINTEF), Paolo Lombardi (TRUST-IT), Anže Žitnik, Aleš Černivec (XLAB), Roberto J. Mannella (REXEL)

Abstract: Given the strong threats and available solutions, WISER (www.cyberwiser.eu) comes at the right time to address the cyber resilience issue, by putting in place precisely what is required: A portfolio of services aimed at assessing and monitoring cyber risks faced by organisations. The communication style chosen by WISER is direct and aimed to the apical positions of any organisation, helping them to interpret each scenario and supporting them in the decision-making process to mitigate exposure to cyber risks. WISER delivers an agile and easy-to-implement risk management methodology, without the need for six-figure security budgets, complex and time-consuming procedures, or dedicated teams of external consultants.

The article will soon be published on Springer Verlag