WISER 2nd EAPs Workshop: Interview with WinMedical

Emanuele Angione, Co-founder of WinMedical S.r.l., speaks about the importance of effectively facing cyber risks for SMEs & organisations across Europe, and how WISER can help businesses to tackle cyber risks.

The video was shot during the 2nd EaPs workshop, 19 January 2016, London.

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WISER EAP Workshop Septempber 2015 Milan

Dean Flanders, Head of Informatics at Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, and Vinicio Gonzales, CTO at Portic Barcelona, speaks about their partecipation in the WISER project highlighting its key role on cyber security management.

The video was shot during the first EaPs workshop, 09 September 2015, Milan.

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