CyberWISER Essential & Plus: Monitoring your cyber risks in real time

To make cyber risk management affordable and doable by organisations of all types and services, the WISER project has come up with a user-friendly framework with the first launch of CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, two advanced and innovative services offering a decisive feature in the cyber risk management process: the real time monitoring and assessment of cyber risk.

With CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, users can monitor and manage their cyber risks much more effectively with insightful, at-a-glance information about risks, vulnerabilities and incidents detected.
The services provide both quantitative and qualitative data, enabling service users to align information about security alerts with key business decisions helping to reduce gap between executive and IT personnel.

On top this, CyberWISER Plus includes a consultancy support service that can be tailored to specific business needs by the CyberWISER team of cyber security experts. An invaluable human resource that can help raise awareness amongst all company decision makers, enabling the co-development of an effective cyber risk management strategy and facilitating incident reporting to competent national authorities.

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Watch now the WISER presentations held in Riga during the DSS ITSEC 2016 conference by Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS).

Tackling today's cyber security challenges - WISER Services & Solutions

Learn about how WISER is making cyber security accessible and affordable for SMEs and organizations, making sure it becomes part of the business process with regular cyber risk profiling and vulnerability testing to stop attacks before they happen. Learn also about the full suite of WISER services going to market in 2017 and how we are guiding companies on new EU regulations and countries in improving their cyber security strategies.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - 'All Done' with WISER

Cyber risk management is imperative to organizations today. However, there is ample evidence that cyber risks remain misunderstood and unquantified, showing that most ICT-intensive organizations are ill-prepared for the challenges ahead in cyber space. Learn how WISER is addressing these challenges through its novel model-based cyber-risk management framework consisting of three modes of operation that collectively represent the WISER portfolio.

CyberWISER Light is specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing a user-friendly cyber risk self-assessment tool available online for free. It is simple, quick and effective to use so SMEs can make cyber security a top priority without having to invest time and resources.

CyberWISER Essential is for SMEs and ICT systems in general, providing a Risk Platform as a Service (RPaaS) for real-time risk assessment.

CyberWISER Plus is tailored to highly complex cyber systems such as critical infrastructures, offering an on-demand service for real-time and cross-system assessment of threats and vulnerabilities.

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WISER interview with Roberto Baldoni, director of Italian Cyber Security National Laboratory


Roberto Baldoni explains why cyber security has to be a top priority for European organizations and SMES in particular, going through the new European initiatives that can support awareness raising on cyber security.

An overview of the Italian National Cyber Security Strategy is also given with focus on next priorities and international collaborations.

The video was shot during the Internet Festival 2016 in Pisa, Italy.

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WISER takeaways from Internet Festival 2016 - Pisa


"SMEs need to share knowledge, intelligence and technical solution to mitigate the fast evolving cyber threats." This is one of the main takeaways of Federico Santi (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) of the "Security and privacy in the age of the Internet of Things" session held at the Internet Festival 2016 in Pisa.

The panel discussion was focused on the cyber security and privacy challenges that IoT & connected devices can bring to society. With more and more connected devices around the world cyber security is a collective challenge that society needs to address.

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WISER Webinar: Democratising cyber security

This is the first of a series of webinar presenting the suite of WISER services going to market in 2017.

In this webinar we introduce you to the WISER project, its main objectives and innovative approach to create awareness and a global cyber security culture.

The WISER services are presented with particular focus on CyberWISER Light, the first tool of the WISER suite, already available online for free.

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CyberWISER Light: the smart way to protect your business from cyber risks


Make cyber risk assessment a top priority for your business with CyberWISER Light.

This free and easy to use tool, helps SMEs and organisations of all sizes getting a first, high-level view of their cyber risk exposure free of charge and with minimum investment in time and human resources.

Evaluate your cyber security posture now, for free:

CyberWISER Light is the first service rollout of WISER project, an H2020 innovation action aimed at democratising cyber security among EU organisations and citizens.

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WISER 2nd EAPs Workshop: Interview with EMBL-EBI

Jonathan Barker, Systems Administrator at EMBL-EBI, speaks about the changing security landscape within the scientific data community, and how WISER can help tackilng these changes.

The video was shot during the 2nd EaPs workshop, 19 January 2016, London.

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WISER 2nd EAPs Workshop: Interview with WinMedical

Emanuele Angione, Co-founder of WinMedical S.r.l., speaks about the importance of effectively facing cyber risks for SMEs & organisations across Europe, and how WISER can help businesses to tackle cyber risks.

The video was shot during the 2nd EaPs workshop, 19 January 2016, London.

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WISER EAP Workshop Septempber 2015 Milan

Dean Flanders, Head of Informatics at Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, and Vinicio Gonzales, CTO at Portic Barcelona, speaks about their partecipation in the WISER project highlighting its key role on cyber security management.

The video was shot during the first EaPs workshop, 09 September 2015, Milan.

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