D6.1 Communication & Stakeholder plan, first version

The present document presents the first of 3 versions of the plan for communication, dissemination and stakeholders engagement activities of the CYBERWISER.eu.
Moving from the project objectives, the strategy for communication and stakeholders engagement (WP6, “Communication, community development, policy & go-to-market”) is defined for the period December 2018 – February 2020. In particular, a drill-down on the stakeholder groups and channels utilised is enclosed.

Given the evolving phase of the project, due to the ongoing design and development activities, some of the detailed information around results achieved and communication and dissemination assets related to those is still not available at the time of writing. Therefore, the report is to be considered, for some aspects, a “living document”, which will be updated as part of WP6 activities. Be that as it may, a roadmap for communication and engagement activities envisaged for the aforementioned timeframe is provided.

Finally, a summary of the activities conducted in the first 3 months of the project, not covered by the present plan is provided. Some preliminary conclusions complete the document, highlighting the good collaboration registered so far among all project partners to commit to a shared communication and engagement plan.

Release: December 2018

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