This deliverable presents the initial version of the training material to be provided in This deliverable describes the course templates and method applied to develop training courses and the training material. The method consists of three main steps:

  • Step 1: Define the learning pathway
  • Step 2: Define courses using the course templates
  • Step 3: Develop training material for the defined courses

The learning pathway consists of four main parts:

  • Cybersecurity and risk awareness
  • Context establishment
  • Cyber-risk assessment
  • Cyber-risk treatment and cost/benefit analysis

The pathway is carefully constructed to be in line with ISO 27001 and ISO 27005, which are security standards known globally and used both in industry and academia.
Using the above method this deliverable provides initial versions of the following 12 courses for the primer and basic offering levels that can be found in the zip file here attached.

Finally, the deliverable outlines how the training material should be accessed and edited within the Platform.


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